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villa real, guanacaste, costa rica mural being extended to 120′

March 10, 2015





the existing mural in the village of villa real, guanacaste, costa rica is 80′ long. in the next two weeks, we will be extending it to 120′! children from TIDE academy and CEPIA have started to create fiesta themed drawings for the mural extension. we will incorporate their drawings into the mural extension. stay tuned to our progress!


mona lisa – one of nine mini-masters at swanson elementary

February 12, 2015

we worked with 750 students over 5 days and created nine 3′ x 5′ mini-masters in mosaic.
this is mona lisa….



paul cezanne – mosaic mini-masters at swanson elementary

February 12, 2015


this week at swanson elementary, we are working with 750 students in 5 days to create 9 mini-masters in mosaic – each 3′ x 5′.  pictured here is a still-life by paul cezanne through the mosaic stages.  stay tuned for wayne thiebaud’s cakes – yummmm!

St. John Vianney – Four Mysteries of the Rosary panels in progress

February 1, 2015

IMG_0100 IMG_0086  IMG_0110IMG_0095IMG_0099

I spent last week at St. John Vianney teaching over 400 students the art of glass mosaic.  I was hired as the artist-in-residence to teach glass mosaic in celebration of Catholic School Week.  We created four 5′ x 2′ panels.  The theme was the Four Mysteries of the Rosary – depicted in the top left is Joyous and Sorrowful.  I designed the panels and the children were taught how to cut and place glass tile, as well as how to grout and clean the mosaics.  Once installed, I will post the finished panels.

liberty hall library mosaics – continued

January 8, 2015

last year my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students completed three 3′ x 3′ mosaics depicting various literature. this year we just completed three more…..
lion, witch and the wardrobe – 3rd grade
bambi – 4th grade
rascal – 5th grade

these mosaics are 3′ x 3′, created from vitreous glass tiles. all six mosaics will be framed and installed in brookfield academy’s liberty hall library.




Brookfield Elementary Mosaics

October 24, 2014


i spent a week as artist-in-residence at brookfield elementary last february. they wanted a wisconsin theme to fill the school. the art teacher, kristen wolf, and her students created the designs. we used store bought ceramic tiles and handmade tiles by the students.

The Art of Glass Mosaic for Children

October 24, 2014

IMG_7295IMG_7297 IMG_7298 IMG_7300 IMG_7302 IMG_7307

The Art of Glass Mosaic

In this nine week course, my students explore the beauty of glass mosaics using a variety of media including colored glass, mirror, glass cabochons, and iridescent, opalescent and vitreous glass. I lead students through the steps of cutting, shaping and setting glass pieces, as they create a unique piece of artwork.

Students come away with good knowledge of mosaic, color, pattern, and composition, a fun experience of creative exploration and expansion, and a sense of pride in their creation.